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Bergen Pickers is the largest buyer of old toys, collectibles and antiques in North Carolina. We spend Thousands and Thousands of Dollars each year buying different types of Collectibles such as old toys, comic books, coins, costume jewelry, antiques, military items, trading cards, sports & movie memorabilia, vinyl, watches & clocks, and so much more. Not sure if we’re interested in your items? Call us and ask! 704-550-8222. Many of our local collectors and dealers sell to us! Please note, we don’t have a storefront and always come to you.

Items we buy frequently are: Vintage Toys, Coins, Costume Jewelry, Military Collectibles, Video Games, Old Comic Books, Toy Cars, Musical Instruments & Collectibles. These are just some of the items we purchase. CALL TODAY to sell us your collectibles & antiques!

The founders of Bergen Pickers are real collectibles enthusiasts, so we understand the personal connection and financial investment one could have regarding their items or collection.

Always call us before having a garage sale, estate sale, or yard sale. Not only would you receive less money for your items at those events, Lou will always provide you with tips on how to sell your items for more money during your sale. Beware of estate sale companies! You, or someone you trust, should always be present during an estate sale.

We Are Proud Of Our Service

We offer the best and finest prompt and real personal service than anyone in our industry, in the Charlotte, NC area. We strive to never make anyone feel like their knowledge of an item is inferior to ours. Heck, we’re not experts at everything either, who is? We provide QUICK CASH PAYMENT for all purchases right then and there, but please remember “Because it’s old doesn’t mean it’s always valuable”, but if you’re not sure call (704-550-8222) or email us ([email protected]) NOW to experience Bergen Pickers’ unparalleled personal service for yourself.

We offer North Carolina’s highest referral fees for people refer us to others who are looking to sell their items or collections! Bergen Pickers doesn’t have a brick & mortar store. Lou will always come to you by appointment. You’ll never have to worry about damaging your vintage collectibles during transport.

There’s no place we won’t travel to if you have great vintage or antique collectibles!

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