We buy ALL grades of the following coins, silver certificates, paper currency, andĀ banknotes…

  • All US coins
  • Foreign Currency & Coins from all over the world.
  • Commemorative Coins: Early & Modern
  • All US Silver Dollars minted before 1936 (including Morgan Dollar, Peace Dollar, Trade Dollar)
  • All US Half Dollars, Quarters, and Dimes minted before 1965 (John F. Kennedy, Benjamin Franklin, Liberty Half Dollar etc.).
  • All US Kennedy Half Dollars minted from 1965 thru 1970.
  • All US War, Buffalo, Liberty Head, and Shield Nickels.
  • All US Indian Head Pennies.
  • Lincoln (wheat) pennies (certain dates).
  • All Early Type American Coins (Including Half cent, Large cent, Two-cent, Three-cent, Bust, Seated Half-dime and Dime)
  • All US key date and rare issue coins
  • All US mint, proof, and prestige sets.
  • All American Colonial coins.
  • US commemorative coins.
  • Old Paper Currency, paper money including Large Notes

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