World War I, World War II, Vietnam War, Korean War
Collectibles Wanted

4/28/20201 Update: Currently only accepting edged weaponry (knives, daggers, bayonets, swords) and medals, badges, along with some field gear and Bomber Jackets and Pilot Helmets and goggles.

We are always interested in buying any type of original World War II German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Slovakian, Croatian, and US military items. We are interested in purchasing one piece or an entire World War II collection.We’re looking for World War II badges and medals, banners, belt buckles, military boots, caps, hats or helmets, cloth insignia such as patches, military uniforms, daggers and bayonette, World War 2 diaries, letters, or posters, flags, World War II military knives; World War II maps; metal insignia; military medals, World War 2 photos, plaques, postcards, signs, swords, statues, tunics, and other World War 2 memorabilia that you have. All World War II items & other military collectibles must be original as we do not buy reproductions.

Here is a small list of Military / War Items We Buy:

  • Aviation Clothing & Equipment: Flight Clothing, Flying Helmets & Accessories, Survival Gear, Crewman Gear, Ground Crew Special Clothing, Ground Crew Special Gear.
  • War letters
  • Helmets: Steel & Kevlar
  • Body Armor
  • Wing Badges
  • Qual Badges, DUIs, Awards & Collar Brass
  • Shoulder Sleeve Insignia & Patches
  • Ranks & Rates
  • Medals & Decorations
  • Field & Personal Gear
  • Radio & Communications Gear
  • Edged Weapons: Bayonets, Daggers, Swords, Knives etc.
  • Ephemera & Photographs
  • Women’s Services Items
  • Homefront & The War Effort: Walt Disney Goes To War, Trench Art, Soldier Art
  • Aircraft Instruments
  • Military Ships & Vessels Items
  • Military Vehicles Items
  • Spoils of War: If a soldier brought it home, we buy it!
  • Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe, SS, Kriegsmarine, Fallschirmjaeger and any other German Items.
  • Italian & European Axis Items
  • & anything else military related.

Tips regarding Military Collectibles

Do not clean or polish your military collectibles as the value of the items will be greatly affected. Many collectors are interested in military collectibles from other countries since these items are more difficult to find than U.S. Military memorabilia. So Call today at 704-550-8222 or email us at [email protected] to sell us your stuff!


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